About PMI
About PMI
About PMI

Press Metal International Ltd (PMI) is a subsidiary of Press Metal Aluminium Holding Bhd (PMAH), operating as an integrated production chain corporation. The extrusion plants are strategically located in both China and Malaysia, with 210 thousand tons production capacity. With a commitment to providing comprehensive aluminium profile solutions worldwide, PMI has established sales office in key regions including the United Kingdom, North America, Australia and Malaysia, ensuring a global presence. 

Across the integrated production chain, PMI covers Alloying R&D, Tooling Design and fabrication, remelting and billet casting, extrusion and value-added services such as surface finishing and high-precision fabrication, specializing in Alloy series 1000,5000, 6000 and 7000, the company has expertise to extrude variety of large shape aluminium profile. The company capabilities serve various industries, including automotive, marine and offshore, 3C electronic and more.

PMI is certified by ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and ISO 50001 management systems, demonstrating its capability to grow sustainably. Additionally, PMI has been accredited with various quality management systems, including IATF 16949 for the automotive industry and marine industry certifications from six countries, ensuring compliance with specific industry standards.

PMI is one of the leading aluminium manufacturers and known for its world-class low-carbon smelter. As a responsible subsidiary in China, PMI has been dedicated to aligning with sustainable goals since establishment. It has implemented various initiative to minimize environmental impact, including the water treatment plants, scrubber systems, and installed 11MW solar energy to create a greener and more sustainable production environment. With certifications from SCS and ASI, PMI is continually striving to improve its sustainability performance, fostering innovation and growth to make a positive impact on the world and contribute to a greener future.



Press Metal first started as a local aluminium extrusion company in 1986. After over 30 years of growth and expansion, today we are a globally integrated aluminium producer with the largest presence in South East Asia. Our products serve many industries throughout the world, from top automotive and aviation companies to leading technology giants.