Camera, Grip & Lighting Equipment

5D 2 side view take 1 web

Canon 5D MkIII HD camera
Matt box, follow focus, L series lenses, camera slider, 5″ LCD monitor, audio mixer, tripod

HDX200, HD 4K camera package 
Fluid pan head, tripod
iKan 8” HD LCD monitor
Sure mixer, shotgun microphone, boom pole & Sennheiser wireless microphone

GoProHD cameras for time lapse and POV shots

Lighting & Grip

LTM Pepper Kit with three 420w peppers and stands

lED light kit

Fluorescent lights and stands 

C-stands, apple boxes, flags, cart, stingers, silver/white flex fills

Chroma key backdrop, gray studio backdrops & backdrop kit

Michael Kurtz Creative Services – San Diego, California