Camera, Grip & Lighting Equipment

5D 2 side view take 1 web

Canon 5D MkIII HD camera
Matt box, follow focus, L series lenses, camera slider, 5″ LCD monitor, audio mixer, tripod

HVX200A, HD camera packagewide angle lens adaptor
Fluid pan head, tripod
Sony 8” monitor
iKan 8” HD LCD monitor
Sure mixer, shotgun microphone, boom pole & Sennheiser wireless microphone

GoProHD camera for time lapse and POV shots

Slider, Jib Arm & Dolly


CobraCrane I Jib Arm – light weight

CorbaCrane Dolly – light weight

Lighting & Grip

LTM Pepper Kit with three 420w peppers and stands

lED light kit

Fluorescent lights and stands – 2, 4 & 6 tube instruments

C-stands, apple boxes, flags, cart, stingers, silver/white flex fills

2 Soft boxes either 500w or 1000w – 42″ x 30″ and 28″ x 22″

Chroma key backdrop, gray studio backdrops & backdrop kit


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